Essay Writing Tips

We can probably generalize that most college scholarship essays would either make or break your application for sponsorship. In view of these, this article will provide some tips to help you get through this stage and increase your chances in winning your most wanted free college education.

• Prepare with Notes
Before you write your essay, take some time to first think about what you want to say as well as how to organize it.   Consider your life experiences, focusing on your achievements, strengths and notable life lessons as inspiration and guidance.  Be sure to take notes, even creating an outline.  Write your opening paragraph last, being sure that it is an accurate introduction to the rest of your essay, clearly summarizing the contents of the body and main point of your paper.

• Brand yourself
The difference between winning a scholarship or not depends on how you present yourself in your college scholarship essay. Branding yourself with a well-written, interesting and organized essay is vital to your chances. Be sure that you demonstrate your thoughts and ideas intelligently and clearly in order to give the best impression possible.

• Be creative and original

When you write your scholarship essay, choose a topic that will spark the interest of the reader while remaining appropriate and within the guidelines, if any.  If you must write an essay on a given topic, be original and creative. There is no better way to get noticed than by grabbing the reader’s attention in the first paragraph of your essay and maintaining that level of interest right to the very last word.

• Editing, rewriting, proofreading, and re-editing
Originality is not enough to make an essay top-notch and scholarship-award winning. Your essay also needs to be grammatically correct and free of all errors including typos and spelling. In addition to reviewing your essay yourself, it helps to read it out loud.  Letting someone else read it is also a good way to check for errors.  Every error you make is a potential strike against your potential to receive an award so make every effort to make it perfect.

• Write it yourself
Believe it or not, there are online sites that will write your scholarship essay for a certain amount, usually $10 and up. While this is an easy way to assure that you accomplish the essay writing stage, you must remember that the sponsors would prefer to read something from you and not from anybody else. If writing is not your skill, you may seek help but be sure you can carry on with the same writing style in your application.