Student-Specific Grants

Student-specific grants and scholarships are forms of financial aid that are designed especially for a certain type of student. Recipients of student-specific grants or scholarships do not have to repay the award.

There are innumerable scholarships available to an equally innumerable amount of student types. The more popular student-specific grants and scholarships are for women, minorities, musicians and athletes.

Examples of Student-Specific Grants or Scholarships

1. Scholarship for Financially Needy Women

This scholarship awards a minimum of $3,000 and a maximum of $5,000 to female residents of southern New York state who demonstrate financial need. Candidates can be at the undergraduate to the doctoral level of study and must maintain certain academic standards.

2. Hispanic College Fund Scholars Program

Students who are Hispanic or of Hispanic descent and can demonstrate financial need are eligible for this scholarship which awards a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $5,000. Other requirements include carrying a GPA of between 3.0 and 4.0 and being enrolled as an undergraduate student. Candidates must be residents of either the United States or Puerto Rico.

3. San Francisco Conservatory of Music

In order to qualify for this scholarship you must attend the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Eligible candidates must be full-time students at the undergraduate, master’s or post-graduate level and can potentially be awarded a minimum of $1000 and a maximum of $20,500. Auditions are required for all prospective scholarship recipients.

4. Music Scholarship for Mature Women

This scholarship is available to female students pursuing degrees in music who are over 35 years old. Interested students must submit one or two scores of their own musical composition having between a 10 and 18 minute performance time. Compositions must not have already won any other awards. Women receiving this scholarship can be awarded up to $1000.

5. Postgraduate Scholarship

The Postgraduate Scholarship is for students pursuing a master’s degree. Eligible candidates┬ámust be nominated for the scholarship by the director of athletics or a faculty member of an National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)-affiliated school. Recipients of the Postgraduate Scholarship are awarded $5,000.

Browse for a Student-Specific Grant that Suits You!

Student-specific grants and scholarships are available to students of a wide variety backgrounds and talents. The above are just a few examples of the types of student-specific grants and scholarships out there. Check out Student Aid on the Web to browse other options and increase your chance to receive money to help pay for school that you don’t have to pay back.