Profession-Specific Grants

Financial aid for students who know what profession they intend to pursue or are already enrolled in a degree program putting them on a track towards a specific career or field is available in the form of profession-specific grants or scholarships. Profession-specific grants or scholarships are awards of money, that do not have to be repaid, offered to students pursuing a degree in a specific field or profession. 

Different profession-specific grants and scholarships have different requirements and criteria. Candidates may have to demonstrate financial need or academic achievement or have prior work experience in the related field.  

For every field you can think of, there is most likely a profession-specific grant or scholarship available. Check out the following examples of grants or scholarships offered in some popular fields:

Social Worker

Licensed Mental Health Services Provider Educational Program

This profession-specific loan repayment program awards students at the post-graduate or doctoral level of study a maximum of $15,000 to be used towards repaying school loans. An eligible candidate must be a licensed mental health provider practicing in an area of mental health that has a high demand for professionals. Mental health professionals hoping to win this award must be licensed to practice in the state of California and a registered Marriage & Family Therapist or Clinical Social Worker. 


Earl Warren Shearman & Sterling Scholarship

With an award of $15,000, this scholarship offers first year law students pursuing a Juris Doctor degree a generous amount of financial aid. Recipients are chosen based on their academic and career achievements as well as demonstrated financial need. The group of Shearman & Sterling attorneys that interview each candidate will also be looking for an individual with a strong sense of personal commitment to the legal profession and public service.


BSN Scholarship

Nurses working towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree are eligible for this scholarship that awards $1000 to those fortunate recipients. Eligible candidates must be undergraduates and currently enrolled in a degree program with two years of experience in rehabilitation nursing. Interested parties must also be practicing in their field and a member of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses.

Video Game Designer

Video Game Technology Scholarship

The Video Game Technology Scholarship offers a one-time only $1000 award to eligible candidates majoring in animation or video game technology. Animation or video game technology majors must be pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree in order to qualify for the scholarship, however they cannot already hold a bachelor’s degree. Financial information must be provided and the application requires an essay.

Culinary Arts

Ray & Gertrude Marshall Scholarship

For undergraduate students majoring in Culinary Arts or Culinary Arts/Chef Training the Ray & Gertrude Marshall Scholarship is an opportunity to receive between $500 and $1000 to help pay for school costs. If you are a member of the American Culinary Federation and have completed one semester in a culinary arts program then you are eligible for this scholarship for as many as 3 years.

Criminal Justice

ACJA/LAE National Student Paper Competition

The winner of the ACJA/LAE National Student Paper Competition receives an award of $150. To qualify for entry you must be a Criminal Justice studies major at the undergraduate (sophomore, junior or senior), master’s or doctoral level and a member of the American Criminal Justice Association/Lambda Alpha Epsilon (ACJA/LAE). To win you must write an original paper on issues related to the criminal justice field.


Denny’s Scholarship Program

The Denny’s Scholarship Program offers a one-time only scholarship award of between $500 and $5000 to a Hispanic student pursuing a degree in business administration, entrepreneurship or marketing. Eligible candidates must be full-time undergraduates living in the United States or Puerto Rico who can demonstrate financial need and have a GPA of a 3.0 or above.

New Students or Career Changers: Profession-Specific Scholarships are for You

Whether you are just starting school or are making a career change and have an education and work experience, a profession-specific grant or scholarship can help get you on your way towards that new career with some much needed financial aid. For more detailed information on the above scholarships or to browse other professions go to Student Aid on the Web and find the right profession-specific grant or scholarship for you.