How Do I Find Grants?

Grants are a highly coveted form of financial aid since they are gifts of money that do not have to repaid. Considering that there are not too many opportunities in life for free money, grants are not to be had without some effort and competition. Which begs the question, how do I find grants?

Who Offers Grants?

The first thing to know when searching for a grant is what types of institutions and organizations offer grants. Here is a general idea of where you can expect to find grants:

  • Federal government
  • State and city governments
  • Private companies
  • Not for profit companies
  • Unions
  • Community organizations
  • Colleges and universities
How Do I Find Grants?
  • The Internet
The Internet is a quick and convenient way to find information and when doing your financial aid research regarding grants, it is an excellent resource for detailed grant information including eligibility requirements and application deadlines. Be sure to go to your employer’s website or even the school you plan to attend to look for possible grant opportunities. To browse grants according to category or keyword search, go to Student Aid on the Web.
For information on how to find grants through your state government, go to the State Higher Education Agencies website with a link to each state’s education departments and tons of excellent financial aid information specific to your state.
  • Financial Aid Office
One does not want to forget another excellent resource for information: the human resource! Your school’s financial aid office staff will be able to provide you with answers to your financial aid questions including whatever grants or scholarships you may be eligible to apply for through the school. They are the experts when it comes to your particular school so be sure to benefit from their knowledge.
  • School or Public Library
If you do not have access to a computer or you prefer to see things in print, head straight to your local or college library to research grant opportunities. By all means, ask the librarian for guidance in helping you get started in your search.
Keep Your Grant Options Open: File a FAFSA
It is important that every student pursuing a higher education files a Free Application for Federal Student Aid in accordance with the designated deadline. The FAFSA is the first step towards getting federal and state financial aid including grants and no US student should ignore receiving this incredible benefit. By filing the FAFSA you will open yourself up to being considered for certain grants including the Pell Grant as well as state-specific grants.