Work Study

A work-study program is a federal financial aid program that allows students to work part-time while attending classes in order to use the earnings to offset their education costs. The work-study program is available to undergraduate and graduate students and full-time as well as part-time students. If your school participates in the work-study program, it will oversee the implementation of the program for your campus. As often as possible, work-study jobs are related to a student’s chosen course of study.

Where Will I Work?

Work-study jobs can be fulfilled at jobs either on or off-campus. Off-campus jobs are usually with a private nonprofit company or a public agency and will benefit the community in some regard. If possible, such a job would be somehow related to your course of study.

How Much Will I Be Paid?

Wages vary according to school and student. Your wages will be determined by your financial need, the date you applied for the work-study program and the funding your school has. At the least, you will earn minimum wage but you may earn more depending on your skills and the type of job you have. Keep in mind that the amount you receive in work-study aid is a set amount so you cannot earn more than that amount.