Levi’s & JCPenney Offer Two 50,000 College Scholarships

Levi’s® Brand and JCPenney are partnering for the second consecutive year to offer two college scholarship packages of $50,000 each during the companies’ tuition sweepstakes. The scholarships are fully transferable enabling the winner to choose who receives the scholarship – themselves, their friends, their children, their grandchildren, etc.

The Levi’s® brand and JCPenney created this tuition campaign to specifically support access to higher education and to increase opportunities for lifetime success.

The tuition sweepstakes begins on July 21, 2010 and ends on September 6, 2010.

Anyone age 13 or older is encouraged to enter by:

  • texting “TUITION” to 45481
  • visiting www.LevisTuition.com
  • going to the JCPenney Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JCPenney

Good luck!

9 comments to “Levi’s & JCPenney Offer Two 50,000 College Scholarships”

  1. Oh, I really hope I get this scholarship. It would help a lot.

  2. I love that you can apply for a scholarships by way of your cell phone or facebook! Very cool. Thanks for the great information.

  3. This scholarship would help me pay for my college tuition and not have to worry about the hardships of money problems and concentrate fully on my education.

  4. Thank you for offering these scholarships. My Grandson is starting a career in College that will cost him around $80,000 to complete within two years. If I can at least try to help him with his college titution by entering your contest. Then thank you very much. He received a $100.00 scholarship when he graduated from the eigth grade. Now it is worth $1,000.. This money has gone toward a computer to help him with his courses.

  5. i hope i win this then i can go to my dream school in New York city i really need this scholarships

  6. What a great opportunity! I hope my daughter wins the scholarship. She’s known what she wanted to do since she was 10, this scholarship would be such a blessing.

  7. I really hope i can get this award, college is to expensive for my family to handle, and this would help me greatly. Thanks for the oppourtunity Levi’s and JCPenney.

  8. I have about 75% of my tuition covered. I need this money to pay the rest of my tuition and the cost of living. I really desire to attend this school. Full Sail University is my dream school. I desire this school for the best education in Recording Arts. The school is rated in the top five in the country. I pray that I win the scholarship so that I can go and make my dreams come true. Thank you!

  9. I dont usually leave comments on blogs but i have to tell you awesome job

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