Discovering New Scholarships with Google Scholar Alerts

Looking for scholarships? Google Scholar Alerts can help you out.

We’ve been tracking scholarships using Google Alerts for a long time. Google Alerts are actually quite handy. You can set up a Google Alert for any query, and Google will automatically email you a list of all new hits for that query. Google Alerts, however, pull from Google’s entire index- and don’t always provide us with relevant information.

A recent article, “Automating Research with Google Scholar Alerts,” suggests taking advantage of Google’s new Scholar Alert feature for research. Google Scholar Alerts pull results only from scholarly literature —”articles, theses, books, abstracts,” and other resources from “academic publishers, professional societies, “online repositories, universities,” and other scholarly websites. Scholar Alerts seem like a much better tool for research, and especially for discovering new scholarships.

You can set up Google Scholar Alerts to track scholarships on your own. It’s really easy! Both Google and Resource Shelf offer instructions on how to set them up. If you happen to discover a scholarship that we have yet to find, please post a comment and let us know!  We’ll be sure to feature your new find.

One comment to “Discovering New Scholarships with Google Scholar Alerts”

  1. Ahhh, this is so smart! Wish they had this when I was in college. I’d have to wade through endless directories of scholarly (and up-to-date) journals to try to find the material that was pertinent to whatever I was working on.

    The advanced scholar search ( is even better because you can search by author, date, geographic areas and within targeted subject fields. Nice find!

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