Pat Tillman Scholarship

The NFL and the Pat Tillman Foundation have created the NFL-Tillman Scholarship, which was announced at the Pat Tillman Legacy Summit in Washington, D.C.

pat tillman scholarship

With the the NFL-Tillman Scholarship, the NFL will honor an individual who exemplifies Pat Tillman’s enduring legacy of service each year.

The Tillman Foundation supports educational opportunities for veterans and their families. Tillman Military Scholarships are available to veteran and active service members from all branches of the U.S. military who wish to start, finish, or further their education, as well as to dependents and survivors of service members.

Tilman put his professional NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals on hold to serve his country, after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The Tillman family and friends created the Pat Tillman Foundation in 2004, following Pat’s death while serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment in Afghanistan. The Pat Tillman Foundation was established to carry forward Pat’s legacy of leadership and civic action by supporting future generations of leaders who embody the American tradition of citizen service.

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  2. To Whom It May Concern,

    I come to you as a wife of a nineteen year enlisted serviceman of the 164th AW Tennessee Air National Guard. I am sure that we all, from time to time, have come to hear the ringing of our elder’s voices in our ears. My elders, once if not many times said that I would regret my decision about not staying in school when I didn’t have all of life’s responsibilities. Let’s just say regret is a harsh word but it might be the closest to the most fitting word to describe my sense of need to get myself back in school. That ringing has gotten so loud recently that I can’t choose to ignore it any longer.
    I fell in love with a man was wearing BDUs in the middle of Desert Storm in 1991. I had found a job working for an Internal Medicine group in September of 1991. The doctors were desperate for someone who was reliable and they were willing to train me on the job. By December 1991 we had a small military wedding in the multi-purpose building on base and a few years later we had our first child and then six years later we had our second child. So going back to school was never affordable or one of my top priorities. I was comfortable with my job and the flexibility I had. I needed the flexibility because when our second child was born my husband had acquired a full-time technician job at the base. I could never be sure when he might have to leave for a few weeks or a few months. I don’t want you to think I am complaining because I am not. We have been very blessed that Rick’s time away from us has been minimal compared to so many other military families.
    But the ringing in my ears is mostly due to corporate changes within the office that I have worked for the past 18 years. I feel that I need I to make myself more of an educated asset. After much encouragement from a new neighbor and friend, who recently completed her online degree, I have applied and have been accepted to Rasmussen College’s online school that is accredited in (HIT/HIM) Health Information Technology and Management.
    I am very nervous and excited about returning to college. Nervous because it has been 20 years since I was in college, but I have had a lot time helping a third grader with his homework. Excited for a second chance and armed with knowledge of how to manage my Dyslexia and ADD. I would be honored if you would consider me for a scholarship, which helps keep those student loans from piling up.

    Thank you for your time,
    Stacy L. Clayton

  3. Hi Stacy, does not sponsor the scholarships listed on the website. We try and provide our readers with multiple resources so they can find financial aid and scholarships. You will need to apply for the Pat Tillman Scholarship at their website:

    Best of luck!
    EducationGrant Editor

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