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The Christophers Video Scholarship contestThe Christophers’ Video Scholarship Contest is for college students who are currently enrolled in and attending a graduate or undergraduate program at a college or university.

Applicants should create a film or video (5 minutes or less in length) that best communicates or interprets the message/mission of The Christophers that “One Person Can Make a Difference.”

Deadline: June 11, 2010

Video entries will be judged on overall impact, effectiveness of conveying theme, artistic merit, and technical proficiency.

Winners will receive the following cash awards:

First Prize—$2,000. Second Prize—$1,000. Third Prize—$500. Up to five Honorable Mentions—$100 each

For official contest rules, and to apply, please visit The Christophers’ website.

Good luck!

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Happy Mother’s Day weekend! scholarship for mothers

In honor of all the wonderful moms out there, we are posting another scholarship for single moms who are pursing their education.

The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation is offering five Education Support Awards of up to $2,000 each to assist low-income women with children. Deadline: July 15, 2010.

Patsy Takemoto Mink served in the US Congress, and was the first woman of color elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. She worked on civil rights, civil liberties, peace, economic justice, and women’s rights.


  • must be a woman, at least 17 years of age
  • must be a mother, with minor children
  • must be enrolled in a skills training, ESL, or GED program; or pursuing a technical/vocational degree, an associate’s degree, a first bachelor’s degree, or a professional/master’s/doctoral degree.
  • must be enrolled in an accredited program during the 2010-2011 academic year
  • must be low-income (annual family income less than $17,500 for a family of 2; $22,000 for a family of 3; $26,500 for a family of 4)

For more information, or to apply, visit the Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation website.

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College graduation season is upon us, which means that soon students will need to start repaying their school and education loans.student loan repayment

Here are some tips to help keep you on track as you start to pay back your loans:

Make sure your information is up to date. You need to inform your lender as soon as possible if any of your personal information changes like your address, name, etc.

Save all your paperwork. Keep all your student loan paperwork and information organized. Start a file or folder where you can keep everything. Read everything that you receive in the mail or online! If you don’t understand something, make sure you ask your financial advisor or call the loan lender.

Make a payment plan. Decide how you’ll pay for you loans. Most lenders allow students to make payments several ways like online, over the phone, by check, or having it automatically deducted from their checking account each month. To avoid penalties for late payments chose the same day each month to pay your loan off. Write it down in your planner or calendar.

Check your student loan account online. Most lenders will offer students online access to their student loan accounts, so you can check the balance of your loan, see when payments are due, and make sure your payments went through. Regardless of the way you have decided to pay your loan bill, you will be able to easily check your account if anything comes up.

Ask questions. Student loans can be confusing, so don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Ask your parents, financial advisor, bank, or loan lender for help or clarification with your student loan.

Make sure you pay your loans on time! There are consequences if you are late on your loan payments.

To learn more, please read: What Happens If You Default On Student Loans

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The Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship honors students who have overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy, by being successful in school, participating and doing well in extracurricular and community activities, and showing interest to succeed out of college or graduate school.

40 students will receive a one-year, $2,000 scholarship

Deadline is June 15, 2010

Applicants must be under a doctor’s care for epilepsy AND in school as:

  • A high school senior who has applied to college
  • A freshman, sophomore, or junior in college
  • A college senior who has applied to graduate school

Application Package Must Include:

An essay on one of the following topics:

  • How you have overcome the challenges (personally, socially, academically)
  • What living with epilepsy means to you
  • Who has helped you succeed, and how
  • An achievement you are proud of

Proof of your grades (transcripts)
Proof of other extracurricular or community activities
2 letters of recommendation (1 must be from your doctor)

For more information or to apply, visit the for the Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship website.

Good luck! Apply today!

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