Single Mom and Her Daughter Help Each Other Go to College

Each year, the U.S. government provides more than $100 billion in federal financial aid to help students pay for higher education. “I’m Going,” the Federal Student Aid website, shares the stories of a few of these students. In one video, Delia describes how she got help with the financial aid application, then turned around and helped her single mom to go to college, too:

“My mom learned from me! She went back to school and got her GED. Then I helped her fill out the Free Application! In two years, she became a nurse.”

As of 2007, there were 10.4 million single moms living with children under age 18 in the U.S., and it’s probably a safe bet to say that many, if not most, are heroes to their children. Being a mom is not easy; being single mom is even tougher. You’ll find stories all over the Internet about both single and married parents who inspired their children to pursue dreams and goals never accessible to the parents themselves. Delia’s story is a treat.

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