Unusual Ways of Paying for College

iStock_000007884959XSmallIt may just be from the chronic strain of the recession, but recent news stories have featured students who have found unusual ways of paying for college. These college finance solutions are not for everyone, but they’re interesting.

In the Altogether,” an article in the New York Times, describes one Penn State student’s job as a nude model for art classes (you may need to create a quick NYT log-in to see this article). At $15 an hour, the part-time modeling work is double the pay of any other typical work-study job. It sounds as though the worst part of this unusual way of paying for college may be feeling as though you’re not always accurately represented in the art students’ sketches.

Over in England, Dr. Brooke Magnanti, a respected cancer researcher and neurotoxicologist, revealed that six years ago she worked as a high-class call girl in order to earn the money she needed for living expenses while she was trying to complete her Ph.D. in forensic pathology. Her unusual way of paying for college inspired her to keep a blog, which later turned into a book and a TV series in addition to allowing her to complete her doctorate program and earn her Ph.D.

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