Community College: Reality Show or Soap Opera?

What do you think of the new TV show “Community”? Does it help the president bring community colleges positive attention or does it reinforce the old cliché of community college as higher education’s Cinderella?

Almost half (44%) of U.S. undergraduates are community college students, earning more than 600,000 associate degrees and 320,000 professional and career certificates a year. Is it reality or fiction that some of those nontraditional students may end up having to live in their cars for a while at some point?

The unemployment rate just crept up over 10%, but back in July, TIME Magazine was already asking “Can Community Colleges Save the U.S. Economy?” and highlighting some of the stand-out benefits and problems of the community college experience.

The American Association of Community Colleges is on board with the TV show, operating on the belief that no publicity is bad publicity and seeing it as an opportunity to create a real “Community” community. While you’re on the AACC site, check out some profiles of real-life community college graduates.

Community colleges have always faced complex challenges, but maybe they really can save the economy.

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