Why We Created Our Guide to Financial Aid

img_eg_guide_200Our Guide to Finding Scholarships & Grants for College is available! We set out to create a guide to financial aid that would help you understand the difference between scholarships and grants and what to expect about financial aid overall. Before we knew it, we had over 50 pages of private scholarships, tips on successfully applying for scholarships, information on federal education grants, and so much more.

Along the way, we came to realize that there was an underlying reason why our grant guide was so important. It wasn’t just to provide you with information that clarifies the different types of financial aid, but to help you identify the legitimate sources of grants and scholarships. You wouldn’t believe some of the scams we came across.

You’ve probably seen Internet or TV ads touting free government grants for school. The ads claim that, if you qualify to receive a “free grant” for your education, your application is guaranteed to be accepted, and you never have to repay the money – all they request is a processing fee in order to send you an application package that “is chock full of proprietary information” about getting this free money for school. The truth is, their application package is filled with general information and agency contacts that you can find online with a simple Google search.

These ads are tempting – the last couple years have been financially difficult (sometimes impossible) for most of us, so we’re lured by the possibility of free money. FinAid.org reports two-thirds of bachelor’s degree recipients last year graduated with an average debt of $23,000, so any extra funding to avoid this level of student loan or credit card debt is appealing.

But, armed with the right information like our guide to financial aid, you can quickly identify grant scams, and find that legitimate federal assistance and private and federal scholarships are freely available and accessible with a little diligence.

Click here to download the college grant guide!

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