EducationGrant launched a new Facebook Fan Page today, with the intention of creating a community where students from all walks of life can share their financial aid experiences, questions, and suggestions. We’ve also published our first Scholarship and Grant Guide, which you can learn more about in the Grants section of this site.

In a recent survey, asked site visitors about their most important concerns about attending college and the sources they investigated for getting the information they needed.

Almost half of the survey respondents (most of whom were age 25 and up) cited paying for college as their most pressing concern and more than 35% reported using online search engines as their primary source of degree and financial aid information.

We’d like, with our financial aid news and our scholarship and education grant listings, to become one of those trusted information resources — and we hope our Facebook page will be a forum where students and professionals can exchange financial aid tips and add to, correct, and comment on the usefulness of the information our site provides.

In fact, we’d like EducationGrant to become a college and financial aid conversation whose fans help each other find ways to pay for (and survive!) the higher education experience. Whether you’re here on or visiting our Facebook Fan Page, you may find just the financial aid answer you’re looking for!