Cost of Tuition Concerns Students of All Ages

It’s official: paying for college is on everybody’s mind. The results of two separate studies emerged this week and the consensus is that the cost of tuition concerns both students currently enrolled and those individuals who are still considering going to school. Wildly shocking? No. But, digging deeper into the findings reveals some interesting new insight.

According to CourseAdvisor, who conducted one of the studies and is this blog’s sister site, 43% cited the ability to pay for school as their top concern about attending school. eLearners, a site that provides resources to online learners, also found that 95% of Americans not currently in school see the potential cost of tuition as the biggest obstacle in returning to school, with women shouldering more of the worry about the financial investment than men.

CourseAdvisor found that 40- to 50-year-olds rely on government Web sites like Federal Student Aid to find information and educate themselves on financial aid — two times more than those under 24 years old, who rely on a combination of guidance counselor advice and research done through search engines.

“Affordable” isn’t necessarily a word that many people associate with “college tuition,” but educating yourself on the variety of grants, scholarships and programs available can certainly help alleviate some of the anxiety associated with the cost of tuition.

Aside from our blog (obviously!) where do you get your financial aid information? Has researching all of your funding options helped you put together a solid game plan that makes paying for college less overwhelming? Let us know in the comments!

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